Manuel Schretter, Peter Mihalkovits and company went on a Slovenian road trip with Lines Magazine. To ne more precise, they came to see the bike parks. if you don't know the bike park trails in different parts of Slovenia - Krvavec, Golte, Rogla, Javornik and Kranjska Gora - this is a good chance to see them because the Austrians will intrude them in a special way. Some of the comments are great too. Thanks guys!

Park Krvavec. Rock & Flow full feature.

Bambino trail on Krvavec.

Rogla. "World Cup" round five with Claudio Caluori style commentary.

Rogla - Progla1. :)

Kranjska Gora. Jumps and berms.

Kranjska Gora - Weetranz and Luft Waffe(l).

Golte, black DH course.

Javornik. Idrje, black run.

Grizli at Javornik.