This past weekend they officially opened the winter bike park in Kranjska Gora. One of the chairlift in this classic Slovenian ski resort will be running each Friday and Saturday evening from 4 to 7 pm. Of course the ideas are coming from Kranjska Gora Bike Park while the Kranjska Gora lift company is taking care of the operations.

Nobody showed up at 4 on Friday, Mah and I were late driving up the valley. So they gave up, never started the lift and when we turned up we decided to take our fatties for a spin into Krnica Valley. They had two rental fat bikes booked for Saturday but that never happened. So on Saturday I had the honours of trying out the park as the first guest. They started the lift just for me and my (rented) fatty. I became the first guest of the Kranjska Gora snow bike park.

For descending they designated the sled track which winds down through the forest for most of the elevation. When it's covered in snow (now it is rocky and partly icy) it will be much fun for the fat bikes. Some features like jumps, waves or turns on the long straights wouldn't hurt but they always end in nice banked turns. While there are lights on the turns the straights are a bit dark but it should be better after the whiteout. You still might consider a head on handlebar light although it is not necessary.

Fat bikes are available for renting. A 3-hour ticket goes for 15 Euro.

Biking that is skiing

I've ridden on snow many times but this kind of riding that resembles skiing made me think. If you are pedaling you can dress lightly and still be warm in freezing temperatures. If you are spending your time on the chairlift and then descending a bit you have to dress up in skiing fashion: ski underwear, layers, ski pants (or warm biking ones, possibly baggy enough to fit knee pads under) and jacket. We are talking night "skiing" in the mountains here, it doesn't get that warm.

I chose my multi sport skiing/snowboarding skateboarding style lid. Even a downhill full face would do. Plus the clear goggles. You could use your normal bike helmet with a balaclava or some other sort of insulation for your noggin.

I hate the feel of thick gloves on my grips and brake levers. I chose fairly insulated cycling gloves.

Shoes? Even if you usually ride clipless opting for flat pedals is not a bad idea with all the skidding. And you can easily use them with warm hiking boots. Or you put on your trusty five-tens over some warms socks. I chose my clipless enduro shoes with neoprene booties. Not too stylish but it keeps you toasty.

Night riding, snow, hot drinks... See you there after the first dump! Even if the same driving time in opposite direction takes me down to dry coastal trails.