The SloEnduro series once again wrapped up the season with the award ceremony in Ajdovščina.


This was the seventh season of the series. The riders competed at five rounds of the SloEnduro series in Slovenia, Croatia and Austria, and at nine events of the SloEnduro 4Fun series.


380 riders from 17 countries collected points in the “big league”. The increase was also due to Black Hole Enduro being part of EWS European series.


While the winners of other trophies are more or less known the announcement of the best event of the season is always highly anticipated. For the first time this title went to Enduro Grozni in Grožnjan, Croatia, the SloEnduro series final put on by BBK Grožnjan. It has been a part of SloEnduro calendar from the first year.

In cover photo: organizers with representative of BBK Grožnjan Alen Jurjević in first row with the largest trophy

Series coordinator Matej Okron responded briefly to the question on 2020 season: There will be 13 events between the two series under the SloEnduro roof. One of the “big league” events will be a new venue. There will be many new competition formats in the 4Fun series.

Tina Perše and Maks Fejer, overall champions and also Kenda SuperStage overall winners

All trophies winners

Hobi category

1. Daniel Apreutesei, Aut, Radlager Mountainbikeverein

2. Reiner Glaz, Aut, Bikeclub Giant Stattegg

3. Christian Stiebellehner, Aut, Radsport Lietz


Master 3 category

1. Martin Brus, Slo, Kamplc Racing Team

2. Michael Strohmayer, Aut

3. Tine Zupan, Slo, Scott Team


Master 2 category

1. Grega Nagode, Slo,

2. Walter Zeidler, Aut, Bikeclub Giant Stattegg

3. Christian Stadlberger, Aut, Radlager Mountainbikeverein


Master 1 category

1. Peter Pingtzer, Aut, RDNK Racing

2. Tino Huber, Aut, Team Dorrong

3. Paul Heimel, Aut, ASKÖ Radwelt MK Factory Racing


Junior men category

1. Aljaž Černigoj, Slo, Kamplc Racing Team

2. Christoph Sax, Aut

3. Jakob Smolnikar, Slo,


Under 30 men category

1. Max Fejer, Aut, Team Dorrong

2. Vid Peršak, Slo, Orbea Enduro Team

3. Peter Mihalkovits, Aut, Radwelt MK Factory Racing


Women category

1. Tina Perše, Slo, Calcit Bike Team

2. Yana Dobnig, Aut, Team Dorrong

3. Romina Marušić, Cro, BK Novigrad


Men overall

1. Fejer Max, Aut, Team Dorrong

2. Peršak Vid, Slo, Orbea Enduro Team

3. Peter Mihalkovits, Aut, Radwelt MK Factory Racing

4. Max Trafella, Aut, Do-Biker Bruck/Mur

5. Nejc Huth, Slo,


Team ranking

1. Team Dorrong Enduro, Aut

2., Slo

3. Calcit Bike Team, Slo

Representatives of season's top three teams

All final rankings


O’Neal Rookie Of The Year

Aljaž Černigoj



Grega Nagode


Kenda SuperStage overall winners

Tina Perše

Max Fejer

Thanks to round organizers

ASD Unione Ciclisti Caprivesi – Gorizia Enduro

DK Kampelc – Kamplc Enduro

ASD 360 MTB – Enduro 3 Camini

KD Krokar – Enduro Krokar

GKD Borovci – Bike Beer Fest Enduro

ZKŠTM Ravne na Koroškem – Poseka FunEnduro

ŠD MTB Koroška – Black Hole Enduro

ADS Team Granzon – Krivapete Enduro

Sport klub Nitro ski & snowboard – Na Kope 4Fun

ŠD Bam.Bi – Enduro Krvavec

BBK Team Rodeo - Trnduro

KD Melamin – Enduro Kočevje

ŠD Golovec Trails – Golovec Trails Ljubljana

BBK Grožnjan – Enduro Grozni


Event of the year

Enduro Grozni, Cro, BBK Grožnjan


Thanks to series sponsors

Kenda Rubber Ind.


Velo d.d.

Vipava Outdoor


Thanks to SloEnduro staff - Martin Žgela, video production

Mags Timing, timing

Blaž Gavran, coordinator

Jaka Tancik, coordinator

Anže Petkovšek, photo production

Dan Prohart, ass. coordinator


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