On Thursday Krvavec bike park opened a new trail called Panorama. It obviously offers great views as well as about 1km or 2 minutes of fun riding. When the bottom part is finished (it now merges into go-kart track) it will have 150m elevation drop and about 1.5km in length.

The trail starts in Tiha dolina, right at the top of the namesake four-seater chairlift. After crossing the ski slope it winds through the forest and onto the next ski run, past the Audi quattro GS start house, then makes a right hand turn and goes all the way to the forest. Two more turns and one cow shit later it end on the go-kart track. You can take the bottom part of the Bambino to get to the chairlift bottom station.

Downhillers Rudi Pintar and Jure Žabjek also went to see the view

This is how Jure Žabjek and Jan Porič played down Panorama trail. In 2 minutes and 8 seconds:

You could say that Panorama is one long downhill pumptrack. You can ride it without pedaling and it would be interesting to see a chainless race on it. You can also learn something in the three turns. One of the stages of the SloEnduro 4Fun race in August could be held here one riders could easily be ending out on the grassy slope.

Turn #1

At first Krvavec intended to open another trail at the same time, the Jezerca trail which will be connecting to Pussy trail. Some work has been done there already but realistically we can expect in sometime this summer.


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In opening photo builders Bizi and Zuji are leading the train on Panorama. All photos by Anže Furlan