It's literally on the road. The 20 week tour through the European dirt jumping sports, jump trails, parks... But let's go back first.

Leo Gamboc, the 27-year old from Umag, Croatia, has started a crowd funding campaign for “Dirt Jumping Europe Tour” in February. With 18-year old German rider and filmmaker Jonas Drechsler they were planning to go on an all-European tour, meet local riders and builders and prepare weekly reports with videos on

Then Leo realized it would be a better idea to offer more of a tangible deal to supporters and renamed the project to Worth It: An exteme MTB documentary. Here it is on Indiegogo.

The concept remains the same: five months of roaming the old continent, living in a van, shooting photos and video, and of course riding. And putting together weekly reports.

Leo, Jonas and the van

So here's the first report including the video. Leo and Jonas moving around Northern Italy and among other sports visiting the new Monza Pizza Bike Park and the Pinewood indoor park in Bologna.

They've done some shooting in Croatia even before that so we're guessing we'll se that later.

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