Here's spring and so is the start of enduro racing. Again this year, the entry level 4fun series starts before its big brother SloEnduro. Round one of SloEnduro 4Fun is coming up this Sunday. The GoEnduro on March 26th, near Gorizia, Italy, just across the border from Slovenia.

The race held by U.C. Caprivesi has a new venue this year, the start is at Via XXIV Maggio in Mossa. 

GoEnduro is a one day race with six stages. Each riders has to finish all six stages according to his start schedule. There will be a timing transponder check after third stage of the day.

Race numbers will be distributed according to SloEnduro regulations and riders will enter stages starting with number 1.


Registration and free practice from 7:30 to 10:30. Rider briefing at 10:15, start at 11.00 and podium at 5pm.


There are three different tracks, each will be used twice. The first track is completely new. Terrain on all three tracks is mostly forrest soil without rocks but it will be slippery if wet. Total distance is around 25km with 800 vertical meters of climbing.


Daily licence is very complicated to get in Italy, it need advanced planning and medical check by and Italian doctor, so you better show up with a valid UCI licence.

Protection and rules

Protection under Italian federation rules is required. UCI and FCI enduro rules and SloEnduro regulations apply. Find details here on

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Photos by SloEnduro

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