On Saturday the SloEnduro series gathered all the top riders of the 2016 in Ajdovščina to present them the trophies for the fourth season of the series.


We already listed all the best of the season here: SloEnduro season wraps up on November 19th. Below here you can find all the names again.


It was kept a secret until the last moment which event has been chosen by the riders, teams and series partners as the best of the season. For second year in a row this title goes to Enduro Cerkno held by Pedal racing Team.

Riders from Austria, Croatia, Italy, Hungary and of course Slovenia showed up for the end of season party. Unluckily the riding was cancelled this time due to the rain.


We'll keep you posted on the news regarding the 2017 SloEnduro series.


In top photo three man from the top of the overall ranking plus 1st and 2nd lady, L to R: Yana Dobnig, Gerd Skant, Vid Peršak, Tadej Razpet and Petra Bernhard (3rd placed Giulia Albanese missed the event). All photos by Nejc Bole.

The best of SloEnduro 2016

Women overall

1. Yana Dobnig (Aut, Rlm Mondraker Racing Team)

2. Petra Bernhard (Aut, Gravity Eagles)

3. Giulia Albanese (Ita, U.C. Caprivesi)


Men overall

1. Vid Peršak (Slo, Orbea Enduro Crew)

2. Gerd Skant (Aut, Bikeclub Giant Stattegg)

3. Tadej Razpet (Slo, Pedal Racing Team)

4. Peter Mlinar (Slo, KK Črn trn)

5. Nejc Huth (Slo, Energijateam.com)

Junior men

1. Matjaž Istenič (Slo, Energijateam.com)

2. David Castellani (Ita, Team Maglia Nera)

3. Aljaž Bogataj (Slo, Pedal Racing Team)


Master men 1

1. Robert Kordež (Slo, Black Hole Enduro Team)

2. Bernd Dorrong (Aut, Radlager Racing Team)

3. Jaka Tancik (Slo, Energijateam.com)


Master men 2

1. Cri Maierhofer (Aut, Radlager Racing Team)

2. Grega Nagode (Slo, Energijateam.com)

3. Gabor Winkler (Hun, Fro Racing Team)



1. Patrik Rot

2. Blaž Hölcl

3. Jernej Oblak


4Fun men

1. Peter Mlinar (Slo, KK Črn trn)

2. Matjaž Istenič (Slo, Energijateam.com)

3. Miha Spruk (Slo, Calcit Bike Team)


4Fun women

1. Yana Dobnig (Aut, RLM Mondraker Racing Team)

2. Giulia Albanese (Ita, U.C. Caprivesi)

3. Petra Bernhard (Aut, Gravity Eagles)


Team ranking

1. Energijateam.com

2. Kamplc Racing Team

3. RLM Mondraker Racing Team


O'Neal Rookie of the Year

Daniel Schemmel (Aut, Cube Action Team)


iXS SuperRajders

Miha Spruk (Slo, Calcit Bike Team)

Grega Nagode (Slo, Energijateam.com)


Kenda SuperStage overall winners

Yana Dobnig (Aut, RLM Mondraker Racing Team)

Tadej Razpet (Slo, Pedal Racing Team)