New event premieres on last Sunday in August in Ruše with 37 and 65km distances.

Marathons are back

A couple of years ago we may have feared that marathon mountain bike races were to become extinct in Slovenia but the situation has improved during last two years. At the last count we had 8 events of this kind.

The last to join the family is Bike marathon Pohorje to be held in Ruše on the last Sunday in August, the 28th. It is organized by Aktivni smo from Ruše, an experienced team in trail running events. This year the decided to add two bike distances to their trail running event.

Colorful names and friendly distances

The longer one is called Pohorski Holcer or "Pohorje Lumberjack". The distance is 65km with no less than 2600 elevation meters of climbing. It mostly follows dirt roads and logging trails. There will be three feed zones and the highest point is on Klopni vrh, 1260m above sea level.

The shorter one is called Gozdni Joža or "Forest Joe", the distance is 37km with 1200 elevation meters of climbing. It also goes on dirt roads and logging trails and will include two feed zones with the highest point at 1245m.

The organizer claims the event is suitable for hardcore mountain bikers or recreational riders alike.

See course descriptions and elevation charts: here for the Lumberjack and here for Joe.

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Here's the facebook event for the newest info.

Top photo by organizer