In great weather the participants of this year's Singlespeed European Championships rode from a gathering on Kobarid's square straight to the Le Mans start of the race in Rut camping crounds. Lots of fun and chaos at the start and then three laps of racing for the serious ones. Angus Edmond of New Zealand, the two time World Champion who has been living in Europe for years, allowed no surprises. He took of late from the start but finished the first lap in the lead and won another title after three laps. The young Belgian Noa Selose, 4th placed after the laps, won the women's title after the exciting dual slalom race.

For most it was about another great day on the bike with all the friends in costumes and results were not that important...

Some of today's action in the above video.


1. Noa Selosse (Bel)
2. Elodie Palvassier (Fra)
3. Kim Saenen (Bel)
4. Nina Honka (Fin)

1. Angus Edmond (NZ)
2. Renaud Court-Payen (Fra)
3. Bryant Cook (NZ)
4. Steve Day (UK)
5. Tom Roundtree (Sco)

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