In its fourth year the Kras kros race confirmed its status as the competitive mountain bike event in Slovenia with most participants. It may not sound like much on the international scale but 490 riders on the start line is a big number over here and a notable increase from last year’s 350 riders.


It would not be Karst without some cold and strong bora wind. It notably slowed the riders down in some places, especially the unlucky ones without groups, but also contributed to the experience.

Calcit rules

The winners of the 40km race with 850m of climbing, taking off from and finishing in Miren near Nova Gorica on the Slovenian-Itralian borders, were Tina Perše in women’s and Luka Tavčar in men’s race, both representing Calcit Bike Team.

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Top 10 men
1. Luka Tavčar (Calcit Bike Team) 1;38:12
2. Matej Lovše (Tuš Team) 1;41:01
3. Peter Zupančič (Calcit Bike Team) 1;41:05
4. Gregor Krajnc (Calcit Bike Team) 1;41:24
5. Claudio Cucinotta (Ita, Team Medicus) 1;41:37
6. Boštjan Hribovšek (Calcit Bike Team)    1;41:52
7. Matjaž Budin (MBK 1;41:58
8. Danijel Mervig (Ita, Ki.Co.Sys) 1;42:12
9. Aleš Boškin (MBK Sport    1;42:32
10. Uroš Breški (KK Djak) 1;43:39

Top 3 women
1. Tina Perše (Calcit Bike Team) 1;58:20
2. Natalija Anderluh ( 2;09:33
3. Michela Baf (Ita, ASD Gruppo Generali Trieste) 2;16:21

Complete results here

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