During the last week even the mainstream media in Slovenia grabben the stories of two fallen biking superheroes from freeriding and BMX. And when everybody writes the same we prefer to write nothing or write it differently.

So far we have only posted trubute videos for Kelly and Dave in our Video Friday selection (Slovenian), now we'll try to show through two stories how tightly knit the bike family really is and how two Slovenians who were closest to these two legends remember them.

After his short downhill career Saša Merljak spent more than a decade on East Coast of USA. Before settling down in New Jersey his home was Greenville, North Carolina, also the home of Dave Mirra who was then already one of the greatest BMX freestyle riders ever.

Saša says:

I often think about the awesome times i had when i lived in Greenville and wonder what my buddies are up to there.

The main reason I went to USA in '97 was BMX. In my country it was no BMX scene and I was hungry for BMX. The goal was to live in Greenville and ride with Dave Mirra. I was alone in a foreign country in a small town and found a tiny indoor skatepark downtown with a skate shop above it. I talked to the random employee Billy Rabon at the shop and asked him if he knows Dave and if he rides locally on daily basis cos i wanted to ride, sure enough Billy calls dave and puts me on the phone. I froze, didn't know wtf to say on the phone, so I said: “Dude, let's ride sometimes. U come to the park sometimes?" The rest of my 12 years living in USA is history.

Dave was the reason I got into BMX. When i saw him ride vert, to me it was the smoothest style in the world and I said: “That's what I’m gonna do in my life.” So Dave was the reason I now know so many great amigos gringos in NC and NJ to this day. It's been a pleasure to know Dave, to ride his vert ramp in the backyard, to ride with him at Ryan Nyquist backyard, to play his BMX video game at his house, do drink and party with Dave on random nights or somebody's b-days, to see him win tons of x-games, etc.

I will always carry parts of Dave in my life (he always gave me shit to wear and ride cos i was a broke motherfucker) and best of all I got from him were the great memories and stories about him. I’m very privileged to have been around Dave to learn some tricks of trade and to get his bike parts and gear when I needed it. I will never forget his generosity! RIP BUDDY!

In photo from left: Tim Mirra, Saša and Dave Mirra in 1997