Peter Mlinar, the 2015 SloEnduro series number 3, appeared at last week's KOFF (Koroška Outdoor Film Fest) as the star of this new video by Tine Lenart.

In this 5 minute video My Trails Pero shreds down the trails above his home village of Žerjav. In the last part he is joined by another local Blaž Hölcl.

Tine and his crew recorded the video in four days. For the time they lodged in Peter's cottage above Žerjav so a "behind the scenes" video would also be interesting to see...

Camera: Tine Lenart, Tilen Raztočnik
Aerial shots:
Editing: Tine Lenart
Sound: Dejan Pantner

Music: Glass Animals - Gooey (Gillian Moss Remix)