On Monday Weekend Warriors premiered on Celje's Cineplex, today are online here at mtb.si.

We don't see many longer Slovenian videos these days. So a theater premiere is a big thing. Even if it's an MTB + motocross film like this one.

The riders in this 35 minute film are:
- Luka Novak (multiple DH and 4X National Champ)
- Borut Rožič (retired 4X racer)
- Urban Urleb (author)
- Urban Ferenčak (XC rockstar, part-time enduro racer and new National Team chief)
- Andrej Zdovc (motocross racer)
- and Tim Gajser … just some guy who does a bit of motocross riding!

Urban Urleb and his friends humbly booked a 135 seat theater for the premiere of the film they filmed "with two POV cameras and a selfie stick" as Urban says. About 200 people packed into the place.

Photos by Rok Bobnar