If you get a chance to have a live "TV" chat with the CEO of one of the most progressive mountain bike brands on the planet in terms of technologies and racing, you grab it and don't care if someone says you are selling out with a "marketing interview". Even if it's the second Spanish huy on #mtbsiLIVE in a week.

Miguel Pina has been behind the wheel of Mondraker from day one. A day before the start of Bike festival in Riva, Garda, we had a chat about how the Spanish brand moved up from those generic Taiwanese frames from just over 10 years ago.

And about last year's triple podium at the downhill World Championships, the first World Cup victory in Maribor in 2009, about XC an e-bikes...

It would have been an even better live interview if Vid Peršak wasn't uploading his 1.5 giga video right next to us :D