Marprom Ltd, a company owned by City of Maribor which is managing Maribor's Pohorje mountain, has issued documentation to find a company or individual to manage Bike Park Pohorje. Management of park's trails will be contracted for the period of 15 years.

Management includes trail development, building and maintenance, control of guests, first aid and rescue and other duties related to running of the park.

All bids must include a financial plan and a ticket price estimation. In 2017 (April 15th to November 15th) minimal income for Marprom's lift from Bike park operations should be no less than 150.000€. References and qualifications in park management, trail building and maintenance also need to be provided.

Chosen party will need to co-finance mountain's development plan (5000€) and submit insurance policy and bank warranty. They will also need to provide sufficient crew and equipment for park's operations.

Marprom will be accepting the bids until March 1st.

Documentation has only been published in Slovenian here, but if interested go ahead and contact Marprom's Mrs. Danijela Mešić via email for details.

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