is the leading specialized mountain bike medium in Slovenia. It has been bringing news, stories and technical articles from the areas of mountain biking, BMX, cyclocross, legislation, advocacy and more since 2005.

The current website has been in operation since 2011 and has been regularly developed since then. It provides simple navigation, multimedia content and interaction with visitors. The latest 2015 site sports responsive web design. In 2016 we launched English site and there are new things coming up 2017.

Main reasons for advertising on

  • is about the scene, from the scene and for the scene and is positively accepted in cycling community even beyond mountain biking.
  • It attracts well between 15.000 and 20.000 unique users monthly, sometimes even more.
  • The advertising space is strategically positioned for best response.
  • Website offers best user experience, interaction with visitors and interlacing with the most popular social media.
  • There are more and more mountain bikers out there every day!

Banner space presentation

Advertising options and prices

907x130 (leaderboard) BANNER
Position: top of site, right side from logo
Size: 907x130 px
Maximum no. of banners in this position: 3
Appearing: all pages
Price/month: 320€

980x400 (slider) BANNER
Position: under main menu
Size: 980x400 px
Maximum no. of banners in this position: 5
Appearing: home page
Price/day: 100€

720x479 (medium rectangle) BANNER
Position: top of right column, under navigation
Size: 720x479 px
Maximum no. of banners in this position: 5
Appearing: all pages
Price/month: 260€

136x119 BANNER
Position: right column, 6 banners show at time
Size: 136x119 px
Maximum no. of banners in this position: 12
Appearing: all pages
Price/month: 150€

450x200 (article) BANNER
Position: article level
Size: 450x200 px
Maximum no. of banners in this position: 1
Appearing: article level, connected to tags
Price: monthly or per impression, sponsorship of series of articles available, contact us for price

Length and category to be determined.
Price: 250€ / article (production costs not included)

Discounts and Conditions

  • 5 % - 3 months advertising period
  • 10 % - 6 months advertising period
  • 20 % - 12 months and over advertising period
  • 5 % - advanced payment

Banner production: 50€
Minimum advertising period: 1 month
22% VAT not included.
Valid from January 1st 2017.

Technical Details

Advertising banners on 2.1 are part or site's visual image and that is why we set some rules from which our advertisers will profit as well:
Banners should be non.animated or minimalistically animated.
Banners are produced in GIF format (animated GIF included), JPG or PNG.
Please not that banners are posted on white background so they should have contrasting background or border.

Links and statistics
Each banner is linking to desired website. Our statistics will be showing the number of impressions and clicks.

Banner rotation
Banners in certain position are rotating by order at each refreshment of the site. Maximum number of banners in position is set as noted above.

Advertising contact:
Email: trzenje (at)